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Chechil Orifa - Fotograf

Get a radiant
smile in the heart
of Zurich

Our dental practice is located in the heart of Zurich, where we take time to ensure that your wishes are satisfied.

A truly affordable dentist is one who works to a high standard. For you, the greatest potential for savings lies in dental work that is perfect the first time around. This means that for us, the quality of our work is the top priority.


Welcome to our practice

Our practice is located in the heart of Zurich, just a few minutes’ walk from Enge railway station. We pride ourselves on catering to your requests and wishes, and Dr. Thomas and her team are always happy to answer your queries.

BleachingThe white smile you’ve been looking for!


Bleaching is a method of whitening teeth. Our whitening system is guaranteed to restore brightness to your teeth and give you a radiant and attractive appearance. Brightening and restoring a natural level of whiteness can be achieved within a minimal period of time. Our system works both on naturally yellowish teeth and on stains that are immune to regular cleaning, Bleaching allows the natural tooth colour to be lightened by one or two levels on the colour scale.

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